Stay hydrated by tracking your daily water intake

Why iHydrate?

Proper hydration is essential to living a healthy life. Yet over 70% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. iHydrate allows users to track their drinks so they can enjoy increased energy, better skin, easier weight control, and many other benefits of being hydrated.

Personalized Intake Goal

Calculate your daily water intake goals based on your own information. No more one size fits all.

Track Progress

Record and track your water intake. View past intake levels with beautiful graphs and charts.

Multiple Drink Types

Not all drinks hydrate equally. Entering drinks calculates how much actual water is received (pst! It's not 100% for soda). With iHydrate you know exactly how much water, not the extra fluff, you've consumed.

Smart Reminders

Custom reminders to keep you on track. Set daily times for notifications to drink more.

Fully Integrated

Don't track in solitude! iHydrate is integrated with Apple's Health App, Fitbit and Jawbone so you can share your water data and get the best information about your health.

Apple Watch App

On the go? No problem. iHydrate has full Apple watch support so you can quickly add a drink or see the day's progress from your wrist.

Staying hydrated shouldn't be a mystery. Don't wonder about how much water you need to drink in a day. iHydrate will help you drink more and fret less.

"The best app for tracking water intake."